About Almitza

Almitza Scythe Association was formed as a group in 1996 in Zaldibia (Gipuzkoa – Basque Country). At that time, the aim was to participate in the European mowing championships.  A few years later, in 2001, the Association took an official nature.

Almitza has organized different kind of events in the Basque Country: festivals, bets, championships… In all these events that Almitza has organized or participated in,  he has always tried to show the habits and identity of the Basque People; that’s why different cultural associations (dance groups, musicians…) or people that practice other rural sports (stone lifting, wood-chopping…) have also participated in events organized by Almitza in the Basque Country and abroad too.

During these years, people that have worked in Almitza is been a very experienced people in scythe sport. The main goals have been:

1.- To encourage the rural sports, specially the mowing, trying to motivate young people to practice it.
2.- To make know the Basque Country’s habits and identity in the Basque Country and abroad too. ,

Although there was already a many years’ tradition of the scythe in the Basque Country, the existence of the European championships created so much interest and curiosity between Almitza’s partners. Since then, Almitza has moved around a lot and has won several prizes in European championships.

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