European modality

In this modality, unlike in the Basque one, the two important elements are the speed and the tidiness, i.e., the cut grass isn’t weighed. It is jsut considered how and in how long it is cut. Apart from that, the modalities are divided by gender or by the scythe’s dimensions. When referring to a littel scythe’s job, that means that the scythe is of 90cm, in the rest of the cases usually the dimension isn’t regulated, excepting a few cases.
When a specified surface area is cut, judges must evaluate the reapers’ job. Penalties may be included in this judgement: lack of tidiness, breaking rules etc. These penalties are added in time units, i.e., the penalty time is added to the spent cut-time, so the winner ill be the one with less total time.

You can find below the rules of the championships played in this modality in the Basque Country:

Individual championship rules

Team championship rules

International Championships

Each year a different country is the responsible to organize the European Championship. The Team Championships will be in even years. Each team is composed by 4 reapers and the modalities are divided into male and female categories. The surfaces to be cut in each modality are defined as follows:
• Men: 200 m2.
• Women: 120m2


In team championships, the fields are usually prepared longitudinally and not more than one reaper of the same gorup are playing at the same time. Each participant of a group must cut the same surface dimension and when a participant of a group has finished its area the next partner will begin afterwards.

In odd years, the championships are individual and a minimum participant number is mandatory from each country: 10 male and 5 female participants at least. In this case the surfaces to be cut in each modality are defined as follows:

• Men: 100 m2.
• Women: 35m2


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